IoSense overall project goal is to boost the European competitiveness of Electronics Components and Systems (ECS) industries by increasing the pilot production capacity and improving Time-to-Market for innovative microelectronics, accomplished by establishing fully connected pilot lines in More than Moore (MtM) technologies, supporting discrete and integrated sensor solutions including ASICs, test beds, device packaging and assembly to accelerate the uptake of KETs. The new pilot lines will form a network with existing specialized R&D and manufacturing lines to work as a European modular solution system. In particular the segment of sensor technologies and MEMS, which plays a key role in solving the grand societal challenges, related to Smart Mobility, Society, Energy, Health and Production will be addressed.

Key Objective

Establish the base for increased manufacturing capacity for discrete and integrated sensors and sensor system solutions in Europe, including design development and test for different key application oriented supply chains.

  • Objective 1

    Boost the effectiveness and the efficiency of existing volume manufacturing lines by creating a network of three qualified, fully connected and collaborating pilot lines (two FE, one BE) for both discrete and integrated innovative sensor systems.

  • Objective 2

    Establish the new pilot line supply chain as key element of an IoT value creating network for the efficient innovation in technologies, sensors, sensor components and IoT products in Europe.

  • Objective 3

    Provide innovative sensor product design.

  • Objective 4

    Provide FE and BE sensor technologies for both discrete and integrated innovative sensor devices, suitable for high volume production.

  • Objective 5

    Provide electrical, mechanical, security and software resources for integration of sensor system components into IoT systems and IoT enabling systems.

  • Objective 6

    Demonstrate IoT sensor system reliability.

  • Objective 7

    Demonstrate advanced next generation connectable sensor systems for IoT and achieve benchmark performance regarding size, cost, idea-to-market for sensors and sensor systems to serve the use cases defined.