Key Application Areas

Key Application areas

IoSense targets multiple key application areas with its pilot line approach to help tackle grand societal challenges of our and future generations, while boosting European competitiveness of electronic components and systems. The application areas include Smart Mobility, Society, Energy, Health and Production, which benefit directly from intelligent systems that become smart, communicate among themselves, their environment and offer their services to users. A necessity for smart objects and machines are suitable sensors that are intelligently integrated into future products. IoSense has several demonstrators that show the benefits of the approaches.

Smart Mobility

Mobility faces the challenges of reducing emissions and improving air quality using existing infrastructure and advancing towards accident-free mobility while addressing the needs of all road users, e.g. ageing population.

Demonstrated by SmaBility.

Smart Society

People in urban environment have accustomed to an individualistic lifestyle that encompasses needs in areas like mobility, security, safety, entertainment etc. Intelligent solutions are necessary to guarantee to meet those demands in a sustainable, energy and logistic optimized way, while respecting individual privacy constraints. Individual sensor based systems must therefore work together in a transparent way to provide user trusted products and services.

Demonstrated by SmIght.

Smart Energy

Counter the trend of rising energy consumption by building more energy-efficient products and generating and distributing energy in an efficient way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Benefits of energy-saving technology benefit all other key application areas.

Demonstrated by AdCon.

Smart Health

Transform health care to enable more affordable care and wellbeing at home and increase sustainability and efficiency of health system to support quality of life for patients. Optimize monitoring and control throughout the care cycle of patients starting from healthy living and prevention as well as efficient support of treatments.

Demonstrated by FIDuSens and HithRaSpect.

Smart Production

Use benefits of automation and digitalization of smart production lifecycle from design, manufacturing, in-use until recycling to increase global competitiveness by improving production efficiency along the value chain. Create novel manufacturing and process technologies enabled by advanced system capabilities. Enable cost efficient construction of low volume and highly customized products.

Demonstrated by SeFuProTec and ASITUniSens.

Cross references

There are various cross references between the different key application areas, which are beneficial for the whole project. For example, infrastructure that is necessary to support goals of smart mobility enables privacy aware solutions in all other key application areas.

Integrated Demonstrator

IoSense unites the necessary technologies to achieve the various key applications by ensuring the availability of sensor and sensor-systems and utilizing processing know-how for More than Moore as well as innovative package solutions.

Demonstrated by TrustworSys and R-ICU.