IoSense Spring School 2018

IoSense will host a Spring School as part of SSI 2017 on April 11th in Dresden. Technical lectures will present the first results and provide an outlook on the technologies researched in the project.


IoSense Spring School Proposal for SSI 2018

Demonstrators for the Internet of Sensors

The target of the spring school of the EU ECSEL project IoSense is to demonstrate how to engineer innovative products in sensor-actuator networks.
The IoSense project focuses on the availability of top innovative, competitive sensors and sensor systems “Made in Europe” for “Internet of Sensor” applications in smart mobility, society, energy, health care and production.

Participants are enabled to build platforms and complements for hardware-software ecosystems so that their future applications in the Internet of Sensors become reality. The IoSense spring school presents newest sensor technologies as well as ways how to create innovations with them, extending the value chain with easy-to-build software for sensor applications.

Objectives and Scope

The target in the Internet of Sensors of the IoSense spring school is to show how to engineer innovative products.
The goal is to enable IoT ecosystems based on hardware-software platforms and complementing apps for flexible and high-performance data-aggregation and processing in sensor-actuator networks.

The future technology of IoSense covers

  • Innovative sensor and multi-sensor technologies for heterogeneous application areas
  • Highlighting new approaches for developing sensors using flexible Frontend and Backend pilot lines
  • Design of sensor and app components for market needs by involving customers early in the development process
  • Enabling external parties to built IoT ecosystems with IoSense technology
  • Closing the gap between chip manufacturing and application developers for transforming existing value chain approaches

Presenting the IoSense Technology Demonstrators

IoSense targets multiple key application areas to help tackle grand societal challenges of our and future generations. Sensor and app-based innovations in areas such as Smart Mobility, Society, Energy, Health and Production, benefit directly from mart sensor-based systems communicate among themselves, their environment and offer their services to users. A necessity for smart objects and machines are suitable sensors that are intelligently integrated into future products.

IoSense contributions and solutions are realized in different demonstrators, targeting specific application areas.

During the Spring School selected Demonstrator and Demonstrator provides an overview about the goal and the addressed key application areas. Components are presented from project experts. Hands-on sessions will focus on integrating sensor components into a software toolbox to showcase the easy-to-use approach on how to build sensor-based apps. The software toolbox is complemented by illustrating the integration of a lean startup inspired process for developing customer centric products and applications.

Targeted participants
PhD students, industrial designers, technology scouts and project managers with basic programming knowledge and an interest in sensor-based technologies.

Organization Details (preliminary)

The IoSense Spring School consists of a two-days program.

First day

The spring school starts with an overall view of the IoSense Demonstrators
and focuses on the engineering of innovative applications in IoT ecosystems,
employing IoSense Demonstrators.

  • Industry keynote
    • Sensors and value
    • Factories of the future: Dresden as an example
    • Automotive driving: how far are we?
  • Technical part
    • System integration from a hardware perspective
    • System simulation for automotive driving
    • Detecting particles: what are the limits
    • LIDAR, a new approach to detect movement
    • Reliability of sensor systems

The LifeWear 2018 workshop take place on second day, in which IoSense
participants and external researchers present papers on Wearables in Smart
Rooms. Wearables are sensor-equipped clothes or gadgets by which innovative
application services for humans are realized in different application areas.
For the program and the call for papers of the LifeWear 2018 workshop,