AdCon IoT Sensor Integration Goes Live at the ENERGETIKUM – Living Lab.

The Living Lab – ENERGETIKUM at the Fachhochschule Burgenland GmbH – University of Applied SciencesBurgenland GmbH – University of Applied Sciences

One of AdCon´s primary deliverables in the IoSense project is to implement a testing platform for IoT sensors which are designed and aimed at improving the connectivity of building HVAC systems with an express purpose of analyzing and optimizing building performance and more specifically air quality controls. In turn, this exercise is helpful in providing an overview of how to curb the high costs of energy consumption while ensuring a high quality of living standards for the end user. It is a known fact that HVAC systems represent a significant amount of energy consumption in today’s buildings making the outcome of these test fundamentally critical to developing the optimal sensor networks.

AdCon team hence is happy to announce that it has integrated a modified Open Platform Communication system (OPC) with a graphical user interface into the existing standard building control system connected to the BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks). This installation, designed in a real-life environment scenario at the ENERGETIKUM ‘Living Lab’ has the OPC platform linked to the building automation system with the view of testing the installed IoT IoSense sensors specifically to assess the indoor air quality (IAQ) by evaluating the levels of CO2 and VOC gases. The OPC interface also can monitor the heating and cooling system variables of the ENERGETIKUM’s HVAC system. In the current scenario, the IAQ is evaluated by collecting data from a series of installed wireless sensor networks (WSN) deployed in identified sections of the building and making the data accessible on a web server. These data are used to determine the IAQ to control the ventilation system. It should be noted that the integrated OPC interface can bypass the resident standard building control system as when required.

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