IoSense Spring School

IoSense will host a Spring School as part of SSI 2018 on April 11th in Dresden. Technical lectures will present the first results and provide an outlook on the technologies researched in the project. We have great talks in a beautiful city.


IoSense Spring School at SSI 2018

Demonstrators for the Internet of Sensors

The Spring School of the JU ECSEL project IoSense demonstrates how to engineer innovative products in sensor-actuator networks. The IoSense project focuses on the availability of top innovative, competitive sensors and sensor systems ”Made in Europe” for ”Internet of Sensor” applications in smart mobility, society, energy, health care and production.

Participants are enabled to build platforms and complements for hardware- software ecosystems so that their future applications in the Internet of Sensors become reality. The IoSense Spring School presents newest sensor technologies as well as ways how to create innovations with them, extending the value chain with easy-to-build software for sensor applications.

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