First IoSense Innovation Challenge

We invite students, colleagues and friends to take part in the IoSense Innovation Challenge, from January 15th, 2018 until February 15th, 2018, to create cool applications in the Internet of Things – and to win prizes.

The challenge takes place on the web based LINC-Portal, in which ideas can be created on idea boards. You can comment, follow and continually improve them there.

Topic: Innovative Ideas for Applications on the Internet-of-Things Platform “Cube-it”

At the Chair of Software Technology, a cyberphysical system called Cube-it was developed in 2017 as part of a master thesis together with the company DevBoost ( A Cube-it is a paper cube containing an Arduino, E-Ink Display, NFC and Wifi-Adapter, which can interact with the cloud. In this master thesis the Cube-its were used to assign and track tasks of a digital task management system with Kanban-boards (e.g., Taiga) (read more here:

Goal of this challenge is to gather further possible use-cases for these Cube-its. For this challenge we will not impose restrictions on the hardware, software or application areas. Possibilities for the current Cube-it would be, for example, cyberphysical beer mats or cyberphysical food container.


The best ideas will get prizes

* Main prize: Fire HD 10 Tablet
* 1 Cube-it with Arduino, e-ink-Display, NFC, Wifi-Adapter
* A backpack containing pens and a notepad
* Guided tour through the labs of the developers

At the end of the innovation challenge, a jury consisting of Prof. Weber (TU Dresden), Carl Mai (IoSense) and Christian Piechnick (Wandelbots will decide the winner.

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Informations for the partners of IoSense

The development of the LINC-Portal is a multi-staged process, which initially consists of the idea-platform and task-management. To get first feedback for in production use, this challenge will be used to evaluate our platform and gain new ideas for the future development.

This Challenge is sponsored by the GWT.

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