M18 Meeting: Kicking-off the IoSense demonstrators

The IoSense consortium met for the General Assembly Meeting M18 at ams in Premstetten (Austria) October 17-18. The work package leaders presented highlights and achievements of tasks in the past six months. Activities are on schedule and good progress has been demonstrated. The project is running at full speed, the demonstrators have been defined and specified in detail, including the definition of candidate use cases and a first draft of supply chains. In addition, a comprehensive inventory of available methodologies, tools, and the technology portfolio for frontend and back-end technologies has been produced.

The M18 Meeting was also the official kick-off for the IoSense demonstrators to be accomplished in the second half of the project. The demonstrator communities discussed and aligned for the upcoming tasks and activities. IoSense will demonstrate applications in the domains for Smart Mobility, Smart Society, Smart Energy, Smart Health and Smart Production as well as Smart Systems Integration aspects like security and trustworthiness.

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