TUD Demos Software-Toolbox Work-In-Progress During Darwin Circle

TU Dresden presented a prototype of the fog-based software toolbox in a robotic demo during the Austrian technology conference http://www.darwins-circle.com/ in Vienna. In Collaboration with the 5G Lab Germany and the Deutsche Telekom, Jan Falkenberg and Sebastian Werner have shown how low-latency sensor data fusion and analysis can enable new interactive robotic applications. Based on a modern version of the game “Hot Wire” they have created the game “Hot Edge”. A Player must control a robot to not touch a wire, moved by two other robots. For this application, the sensor data communication, fusion and analysis must be as fast as possible. Therefore, the IoSense toolbox was used to provide a dynamically variable sensor data processing framework.

IoSense consortium member TUD present prototype of Fog-based Software Toolbox