Building IoSense Network

IoSense has a unique approach to orchestrate dissemination and exploitation of the project results. The project focuses on a short time-to-market of products and services that capture the benefit of the flexible FE/BE pilot line approach, by creating products based on customer demand and interaction.
IoSense Network is our approach to build an outside in feedback channel for everybody who is interested in the project and the contributions and solutions of the IoSense project. We have chosen to put our demonstrators into the centre of our dissemination and exploitation activities because they give a concise view what kinds of innovations can be expected of the project. Every demonstrator is featured in detail, including potential application areas, expected results included subcomponents and an overview which partner is working on it.
IoSense Network is the place to give feedback about the project, by creating ideas. An idea can be everything that comes to your mind when you read about a demonstrator or demonstrator component and potential use cases.
Ideas can be public and shared with everybody or private and only be shared with people you explicitly grant access to your idea. Idea creators can see who accessed an idea and who changed the idea.
Ideas are only the first step in fostering a relationship between the IoSense project and everybody who is interested in the project.
Expect many updates in the next months.