IoSense General Assembly Meeting in Madrid

The yearly status meeting of the project IoSense took place in Madrid, April 27th – 28th April. The status meeting was hosted by IoSense partner TASE and attended by 51 participants. The first day started with a Technical Steering Board workshop in order to align regarding the M12 reporting, the project risk assessment and to prepare the first project review.

The General Assembly Meeting started with information by the coordinator about project management topics particularly focusing on the first reporting period covering the period M1-M12. Dr. Wilhelm Maurer, Director Funding Projects & Coordination at Infineon Technologies in Neubiberg, Germany, acting as Exploitation and Innovation Manager and interface to the IoSense Advisory Board presented an update of the IAB time line and further procedure. In order to facilitate cross-WP information, all work package leaders reported about their activities, highlights and achievements during M7-M12. Existing results and developments were presented in presentations by the work package leaders. The second day focused on upcoming activities in the tasks. During break-out sessions on WP-level activities for M13-M18 were discussed and defined. Actions and collaborations for the next project phase until M18 were aligned between work packages and partners.