Meet the IoSense Demonstrators

IoSense addresses the upcoming market structure for IoT products/components, which is characterized by many customer specific solutions, requested and designed by many small and medium companies and sold as system part by medium and large scale system suppliers. This changes the need for a sensor manufacturing concept from one main stream technology base towards a flexible modular and fast network of technology options, that can procure fast prototyping and is able to realize pilot volume on short term demand.

A concrete functional network for the introduction path from innovation along R&D towards production for sensor components and/or sensor systems based on the actual fragmented landscape of activities in Europe, building this network via example demonstrators and open it for each kind of customer (from start-up to large scale industry) with specific application requests.

Demonstrators will show concrete use- cases of supply chain to demonstrate the targeted functionality of the IoSense pilot line approach.

Visit the demonstrator pages to see first hand what IoSense is working on and how IoSense is addressing key application areas for key challenges of the future.