IoSense Software Toolbox @ MWC17

The TU Dresden has presented a joint demonstrator in collaboration with the 5G Lab Germany and the Deutsche Telekom at the Mobile World Congress 2017. At the exhibition stand of the Deutsche Telekom, Jan Falkenberg and Sebastian Werner presented a first version of the IoSense Software Toolbox. Therefore, a self-constructed humanoid robot was teleoperated with smart clothes consisting of a data jacket and a data glove. The jacket and the gloves had several IMU sensors attached to track the human motion. Furthermore, the operator was wearing a virtual reality headset to see the live images, captured by the camera of the robot. The data of the sensors was gathered and fused at a microcontroller inside the wearable and then sent over the air to a server infrastructure. The server software was the based on the first version of the IoSense software toolbox. The sensor data fusion, distribution and analysis is highly flexible and configurable. Furthermore, the actuator control, based on the sensor data, can be adapted dynamically.